Kevin submitted his credentials to the Bar Associations and they all found him to be "Qualified" or "Recommended" for Judge.

The Chicago Council of Lawyers found Kevin "QUALIFIED" and noted he is "reported to have good legal ability and temperament. He is considered to be a skilled practitioner who is hard-working and conscientious."

Illinois State Bar Association found Kevin "QUALIFIED"

 Women's Bar Association of Illinois found Kevin "RECOMMENDED"

 Cook County Bar Association found Kevin "RECOMMENDED"

 Black Women Lawyers Association found Kevin "RECOMMENDED"

 Asian American Bar Association found Kevin "QUALIFIED"

 Lesbian and Gay Bar Association of Chicago found Kevin "RECOMMENDED"

 Puerto Rican Bar Association of Illinois found Kevin "RECOMMENDED"

Decalogue Society of Lawyers found Kevin "RECOMMENDED"

Hellenic Bar Association found Kevin "RECOMMENDED"

Committee to Elect Kevin  Cunningham